Organic, musical and natural sounding speakers up to $12K

Getting a new place next year. Living room will be approx 12-14ft x 16-18ft x 10ft.

Getting a new system and am starting with speakers. Brands I have shortlisted (recommended from magazines and forums) are:

1) Audionote J or E
2) Spendor (model ?)
3) Harbeth (model ? - perhaps 30.2/40.1 or ?)
4) Devore (0/93 or 0/96?)

I auditioned Audionote and Harbeth briefly a few years ago. If I recall, Audionote was organic, musical and natural. Harbeth SHL5 plus was natural and musical...but don’t remember if they were more organic than the Audionotes.

HF extension/air is definitely not a priority for I find it often translates to tizz to my ears. I love a large soundstage - big full sound!

With the 4 brands, am I heading in the right direction? Any feedback from users would be greatly appreciated. I am open to other brands too.


Oops, I meant to say the MG3.7i’s big brother, the 20.7i. The 3.7i retails for around $6k, the 20.7i for about double that. They need an amp like the Sanders Magtech though, so you have to factor the cost of that in. Sanders makes a second version of the amp especially for ESL loudspeakers such as his own.
+1 @cmach
You need to include those 2 ProAcs if you are after "natural and musical" sound.
Try and get the Sonus Faber Electa Amator 3 before the sell out.

Another vote for the Sanders 10e
+1 ProAc, and I'll add Nola KO.