Oregon Audiophiles...

How many Oregonians are there here on Audiogon?
Hey there @mike_in_nc

I plan to attend your Haydn talk next month.

‘So pleased to find other Oregonians here.  There are also several of us locals on the @slaw -moderated “what’s on your turntable” thread.  

Hello James,

I look forward to seeing you next month. Thanks for your interest!

Hi there, I tried to join the PAC group on meetups but it doesn’t seem to be possible or working for me.
Hi Dave:

Sorry to hear that Meetup didn’t work for you. I believe you need to open a Meetup account before you can join any Meetup group. Maybe you did that.

Meetup is, in my opinion, the most benign of social networks. The organizers pay for Meetup’s services, and Meetup does not, to my knowledge, collect information, spy on users, or sell information on them.

Sometimes Meetup servers are not working right and that can cause problems. Beyond that, I can only urge you to try again, and if that doesn’t work, try emailing Meetup tech support.

I hope you succeed -- we sure enjoy having new members.