Oregon Audiophiles...

How many Oregonians are there here on Audiogon?
Here is an idea :

If I can get a few of you to post to see if this thread is still alive :

Maybe we could meet up at a brew pub for a discussion on where to go from here? Seems like we have some interested folks but we need to get together on neutral ground and start a conversation. If the energy is good (and I bet it will be) we can pass some contact info back and forth. At the very least we could have a few beers and share some stories. I have met 6-10 really cool "audiocentric" people in the last year - most of you through Audiogon. I would sure love to share a beer and talk about music/audio for a couple hours.

Anyone still out there?

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I would be up for that.
Warren and I have communicated in the past but have never met. Name the place and time and I'm in.
I live on the East side but have whhels.