Ordered Magico S5 MK II traded S5 MK I - Thoughts - Feedback - Anyone here them?

There are no local ones to hear and I loved my Magico S5 MK I so I went for it and ordered them.

Traded my S5 MK I and a few other items. Ordered from Scott Walker Audio in Anaheim CA. They are awesome.

Would love all feedback, idea’s criticism etc.

Some have said they are way better others said only a little difference. The change cost an awful lot so hopefully they are good. They are about 4 weeks out and wanted to ask you guys thoughts. Sorry for the hear/here typo :)

Thank you


From Audiogon Virtual System page:

Associated Equipment:

* Digital:
- DAC: Bricasti Design M1 Special Edition DAC;
- Digital Transport: Bricasti M1 Built-In Ethernet Network Player,

* Analogue:
- Turntable: VPI Aries Limited Edition 3D,
- Tonearm: 10.5 Inch Printed 3D Arm,
- Cartridge: Denon DL-S1,

* Preamplification:
- Linestage: Simaudio Moon Evolution P-8 Reference Preamplifer, Step Up Transformer: Bob’s Device Cinemag 1131

* Amplification:
- Power Amplifier: Pass Labs X250.8 Stereo Amplifier

* Loudspeakers:
- Transducers: Magico S5 MKII Reference Loudspeakers MCast Pewter,

* Power Supplies:
- Power Supplies: Uptone Audio JS-2 (2-Rail) Linear Power Supply, The Linear Solution LPS-912 LPS, Breeze Audio 12v Linear Power Supply (2-units), iFi Audio iPower 9V DC Power Supply

* Audio Network Server Hardware/Software:
- Servers: Small Green Computer SonicTransporter, Storage: WD My Cloud 12v 2TB NAS,
- PC: Qotom 190S Dual-Port - Baytrail J1900 12v Micro-PC
- Network Switch: The Linear Solution OCXO Audiophile Switch,
- Audio Software: Windows 10 Pro, Audiophil Optimizer, ROON 1.4, Fidelizer 8.0 Pro, JPlay, JRiver MC23,
Sonic Orbiter.

* Cables:
- Interconnect Cables: Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion XLR 2.0M, Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion XLR 1.5M, Darwin Ascension RCA 0.5M,
- Speaker Cables: Kubala-Sosna Research Emotion 2.5M Spades,
- AC Cables : Kubala-Sosna Emotion 2M (3-cables) Nordost Heimdall - 2 2.0M (2-cables), Verastarr Grand Illusion II 1.5M, Elrod EPS-2 Signature 1.0M,
- DC Cables: Gent Audio Custom DC Cables (Canare/Oyaide) (6),
- USB: Audiocadabra Ultimus3 Double-Headed Solid-Silver USB Cable, Curious Cables 200m Regen link, Uptone Audio USPCB A/B Adapter
- Digital: Black Cat Silverstar 75 BNC/RCA, MIT Terminator-3 RCA, DH Labs Silver Sonic D-75 RCA (2), Tara Labs Prism 100dx-1 Tosilink.
- HDMI: AudioQuest Chocolate 1.0M, AudioQuest Forest 3.0M, Ethernet: AudioQuest Vodka RJ/E 1.0M, AudioQuest Forest RJ/E 1.0 (2), Cardas Clear RJ/E 0.5M, The Linear Solution Custom RJ/E 1.5M.

* Sundries / Accessories: Solid Tech Hybrid 3+3 Shelves Audio Rack w/White Shelves and Silver Pillars, Solid Tech Rack of Silence Amplifier Stand, SRA Ohio Class Isolation Platform, Symposium Acoustics Svelte Plus Isolation Platform, Isoacoustic Iso-pucks (8), Weizhi Precision PRS-6 Power Distributor ; Red Dragon Audio Ceramic Cable Elevators (4), EdenSound Brass Vibration Weights (8), Bright Star IsoNode Footers, DROK USB Multi-meter/Tester, PS Audio Noise Harvesters (6), Furutech GTX (R) outlet, Oyaide R1 Beryllium AC Wall outlets (2) ; Blue Circle Audio The Yalu Balula (2)

- Fsmithjack

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Wonderful speaker they are more dynamic,better stage and much better bass definition than S5MK1.You also have GREAT electronics as well which will make them even better.Enjoy!!


Thanks so much! That is exactly what I am hoping they are. Thanks  
Frank, congratulations once again on your new S5 Mk2’s. I also upgraded from S5 Mk1’s to the Mk2’s, and haven’t regretted it. The Mk2’s are better than the Mk1’s across the board to my ears. I second Ebm’s comments, and would add they have more inner detail, as well as better imaging & off-axis response. Interestingly, the Mk2’s have the exact same midrange drivers as the M3 (part No: MAG6004RTC), which is an improved version of the midrange in the MPro.

In regard to feedback, ideas etc. I’ve heard that the Pass amps pair well with ARC tube preamps such as the Ref 6, though i’ve only heard the X250.8 paired with an XP20 preamp, and not with Magico speakers, so I can’t validate that claim.

Your system is voiced quite differently from mine. I run a Vitus SIA-025, SCD-025Mk2 cdp & Jorma Prime and Statement cables. That is a great combo, so i’m a happy camper. Though I plan to upgrade to the Vitus SIA-030 after it debuts at Munich next year. That should be a big upgrade from the already excellent 025. I also plan to upgrade to S Pods in the near future - an easy recommendation.