Order to Shut out or Light on a System?

- I am since long time in audio business and i just wonder to know from others audiophiles fellow wich way they shut out or light on their sound system....
- do you begin by the source or the amps (mine is hybrid) and why?
Start with the source components and work your way through the system, turning on amps last. By using this sequence, you will prevent any pops (or other electrical "events") from being amplified and possibly damaging your speakers.

Reverse this order when shutting the system down - start with the amps and work backwards.
I used to have a big problem remembering to do this right, but I solved it by buying an inexpensive Adcom ACE-515, which, in addition to providing a bunch of 115VAC outlets, also sequences them properly. The ACE-515 keeps high current switching out of the preamp...it just uses the preamp switching to pick up a relay in the ACE-515. Actually I use the power amp outlets to pick up relays that turn on the dedicated ac power lines that I have run to the remotely located power amps.
I always turn amps 'ON' last and 'OFF' first.
I just leave everything on, all the time.
Yes..as mentioned above by other members amp ON last..Amp OFF first..remember to mute all components first also, just as a precaution.

Eldartford- I had two of those ACE-515's at one time in my system of several generations past. They were great before they both became senile and wouldn't turn on or off at times!(old age)..I was also concerned that they introduced phase shift that degraded the sound, although I didn't have such a great system at the time to tell the difference! -Enjoy! :)