Order of best of the best phono preamps

Here is a list of the best phono preamps based on a-goners comments:
The world class phono pre's, the reference units for many audiophiles are as follows (not in any specific order):
FM Acoustics,.............Klyne 7,.............Essential 3150,.............Basis asr exclusive,
Aesthetix IO Sig.,Manley steelhead,Wavestream,Einstein,
Nick doshi Alaap,Dartzeel NHB18ns,Tom Evans The Groove Plus,Zanden,Lamm lp2,Supratek Grange,VAC Renaissance,
Conrad Johnson Premier 15,Hagerman Trumpet,Walker Reference,
Herron VTPH-1 mc,Art Audio Reference,Artemis PL-1,K and K,BAT VKP10SE Super pack,E.A.R. 324,Thor TA-3000,Cary PH302,ARC Reference,Rowland Cadence,Syrah,JLTI,Ayre,
Pass Xono,Clearaudio Reference,Sutherland Ph.D,Whest PS.20,
Wright WPP200c,Connosieur,GSP slee era goldV,ZYX Artisan,
Linn Linto,Electron Images MCP-1,E.A.R 834p modified,
Wavac LCR-X2 mm / mc reference phonostage,Tron Seven,Boulder 2008,
What order would you place these phono preamps based on listening experiences on a familiar systems?
Any one do a shoot out comparison?
what about phono stages which are integrated? i've heard many including woodside, mac, croft, revox, spectral, accuphase, counterpoint, bryston,and others, which compete with some of the better recognized separates, but my preferences don't matter.......just buy something you love the sound of and live with it...
I would add the 47 Labs Phonocube to that mix. A truly amazing piece of equipment.
I've been following your threads for a while. I hope you find something from the various opinions you receive here. It appears from your list you have named just sbout every phono stage I have thought about owning. That being said I have a Hagerman Trumpet which is on your list.

I'm not going to try and sort out your list. Only you can do that and hopefully you will narrow it down with some suggestions from the group here, then possibly try to audition the finalists in your system. That being said, I personally have thought about going to a preamp with a built in phono stage, even if I have to sacrifice some sound quality. There are many worthy options out there, and at least in my system it would simplify some things.

Seriously, get the 834P modded by Mitch Singerman and see if you like it. I think you may be surprised, and you will save a lot of money. Somewhere down the line you could look into other options if necessary. In some ways this is an excercise in futility. I'm not sure what you're hoping to accomplish.
I heard them all side by side by side, etc. and there is absolutely no difference.
Good luck.
Clio09, thanks for the suggestion. For the first time after hearing it before many times I am seriously thinking about going to Mitch SIngerman with my 834P.
Pedrillo - the other options will always be there. For the minimal investment in Mitch's mods you might find a bridge to your ultimate phonostage. Then again maybe you will have found your answer. Only one way to find out.
How about Ortofon SPU-T100?