Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose

Links to the products https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/mhdtlab/ and https://www.audiomirror.com/product-page/tubadour-iii-non-oversampling-tube-dac.

The Orchid is 1100$ and the TUBADOUR III (T3) 1500$.
The are both R-2R tube DAC with tube buffered output. The inside of the Orchid looks very organised and clean. the T3 is a little messy. Which one should I choose?

I am in Denmark so there is no way to try before buy.
Hi klh007.  I have the MHDT Paradisea +.  MHDT is the company who makes the Orchid.  The Paradisea is an earlier MHDT model than the Orchid.  It was a nice DAC for it's day, tube buffer, NOS, and very musical.  Jeff Day, now at Positive Feedback Online, gave it a very good review many years ago and still uses it in one of his systems.  Thanks so much for the idea of the Musical Paradise.  It looks interesting and I will look into it.  
Hope to see comparison between Holo Spring 2 and AM Tubadour III.
I saw in different threads many audiophiles are asking but surprisingly nobody did it yet 
All I can say is wow. I got the Orchid today and have listen to music far too long (: should have been in bed hours ago.

My digital chain no consist of NUC with ROCK, Allo DigiOne Signature Player with RoPieee and the Orchid DAC.

And I am very happy with it. Also happy that you can trust reviews and get a sense of a product from reading and joining FB conversation.

I bought the PrimaLuna HP, Tekton Design DI and the Orchid all in "blind" trust and my system sounds amazing.

All is new also the cables so it can only get better (:

I am certain that the Tubadour is as good as the Orchid or maybe better but I ended up paying less than the Chord Qutestz and shipping was included.

Looking forward to the review of the Tubadour
@martin-andersen Any comparisons to the Chord and the Directstream (even if by memory)?
I am wanting a new dac so very interested in this thread. What's the consensus for people who have heard the mojo audio mystique v2 plus? Ben at mojo audio did a fabulous job modding my LTA MZ2S and his power supply is wonderful.