Orchid vs TUBADOUR III - Help me choose

Links to the products https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/mhdtlab/ and https://www.audiomirror.com/product-page/tubadour-iii-non-oversampling-tube-dac.

The Orchid is 1100$ and the TUBADOUR III (T3) 1500$.
The are both R-2R tube DAC with tube buffered output. The inside of the Orchid looks very organised and clean. the T3 is a little messy. Which one should I choose?

I am in Denmark so there is no way to try before buy.

To the best of my recollection, the upgrade options are not on the website. Here is the info I received from Vlad via email:

1. Duelund caps 
2. Z-foil resistors 
3. Balanced outputs 
4. I2S input 

I did not include associated costs for each upgrade in the event that they may have been adjusted since I purchased mine. Emailing Vlad directly is the best bet, though it would surely be helpful if the information were available on the website.

The cap upgrade is the most expensive, but by far the most significant, according to Vlad. Even with all of the upgrades the Tubadour is still less than half of what I paid for my last DAC. 


Thanks for the kind words. I'd sure love to hear a head-to-head comparison of the Tubadour and the Orchid, which I have no doubt whatsoever is every bit as special as your review suggests. One thing that occurs to me is that we are very fortunate to have such quality choices at these price points.


I've really enjoyed comparing notes, my friend. I'm so glad you're getting your Tubadour dialed in to your liking.
I don’t have orchid but I have a big brother pagoda in balance mode and I find it very musical and natural to my ear , I can listen to my system for all days long without getting fatigue! Hope that help 
I just switched from a Prism Sound Callia DAC to the Orchid. However, the reason i switched was the ability to change out the stock chip (Philips TDA1451A R1) to the NOS Philips TDA 1541 S single crown. Before changing the chip to the S single crown the Orchid was on par with the Callia which at full retail is over twice as much but it upsamples, DSD and higher bit rates and typical bells and whistles except for MQA. The Callia also has a headphone amp with its own volume. Not a bad DAC at all but the Orchid sounded as well without changing the chip to Philips NOS... However, no upsampling with the Orchid and with the new chip i was easily pleased with my choice.. 
+1 for the Orchid. Just as described: detailed but musical and natural sounding, excellent stage width, depth, and localization. No weaknesses that I have found. 

Txs for the upgrade info