orbis voog for NAD

Can a NAD c515bee decode vorbis ogg ( or whatever it is! ).

I've got Linux and all compatible converters seem to output .oggy stuff. If the search entry says .WAV for Linux, it's ,so far, a .exe file.
According to NAD's website, the player decodes MP3 and WMA on discs, but probably won't do Ogg Vorbis. What converters have you been using? They should be more flexible than that.

I use Linux as my Squeezebox Server and it works great for that. I think the Squeezebox can decode Ogg Vorbis, in addition to FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc, so substituting a Squeezebox for the NAD CD player should do what you want.

Been using Konverter and Converter from the Ubuntu software diectory. Tried a few alleged Linux compatibles, but they were .exe types ( how to drive traffic to your site -- lie ? ). Not eager to set aside the cdp.