Orbe SE/Phantom: Suspension Issues?

I am thinking of upgrading my OrbeSE/Graham 2.2 with a Phantom. But I am running into a very mixed bag of comments.
I have heard advice from the Michell importer saying it's not advised and the 1.1kg Phantom is too heavy for the suspension even with the acrylic armboard. And a user who swears that it was too heavy and put the suspension into bounce mode.
I have also seen others who use the combo and don't seem to notice a problem and love the combo.
I sure would love to hear any + or - comments to help me decide.
I heard of a Michell dealer in Montreal who heard a customers Gyro or Orbe with that arm and said it sucked. It wasn't because of mass and suspension either. He said it was to do with how arms on the Michell's need to dump energy to the table and some do it really well (eg SME) and some don't. Synergy is important with the Michell's and arms.
Stick with SME V. That's the arm used to develop the Orbe/Gyro.