Orbe/Phantom: Acrylic Arm Board Anyone?

I am curious to see if anyone using an Orbe/Phantom is using the acrylic arm board from Michell. I'd like to know how it's working out and some details like it's thickness and weight.
I thought I had read that Phantom was too heavy to be used on an Orbe. Are you saying that with the acrylic armboard, a Phantom can actually be used?

I was told the older Graham 1's and 2 series although close to the limit of the weight specified an acrylic armboard could be made custom as it was not a popular pairing and this was directly from Michell in England and that the Phantom was to heavy for either the Orbe or Gyro versions. I have seen numerous tables with a graham arm that the owner because of the arm having an SME mount have incorrectly intalled an SME arm board that is too heavy with the 1 and 2 series grahams.
It certainly depends upon who you talk to re: wether the Orbe/Phantom will /does work. Michell says "yes" and many in England love it. While Artech, says "no." In either case both claim that you need the special acrylic arm board that Michell created for the Phantom. More pro vs con that I have found but I'd still like to hear from those with the proper set up.
As yet though I have not found anyone who has used the acrylic arm board. Many, use the original arm board not knowing it's too heavy. I am tinkering with the idea of doing the Phantom but would like to find out more.
I've been contemplating about driling holes on the other micky mouse ear to accommodate a second arm. Currently I have the SME V. So I've been looking out for an used Graham 2.2 w/ SME mount. Thanks for the info regarding the acrylic armboard.