Orbe motor

My Orbe power supply/ motor gave up the Ghost a while ago and I have been trying to find someone local to me to repair it.

The guys have repaired it but saying it is running too fast and they think it has something to do with the fact it is running at the UK cycle rate rather than US.

Just before I came to the US from GB in 2005 I had he motor upgraded to HR/DC and converted to US spec.

It has run fine over here since but I wonder if anyone can suggest why it is now running about 20% too fast and what can be done.

I love the sound of the Orbe so would like to keep it.

However the factory and Artech are only interested in a new $2195.00 power supply.

Any feedback would be really welcome
Open up the power supply box. There's like a screw in there (or two) that you can adjust the speed. I'll take a look at mine when I get home to give you more specifics.

This happened to my Orbe SE (with the DC motor) maybe 5 years ago. It was a pretty dry summer here in AZ and I recall that a couple of healthy static discharges from my finger to the turntable occurred. It seemed to take out the Tacho speed control in the motor and cause the turntable to run fast like yours does.

Because of that I started going barefoot on the rug when handling the turntable or tonearm and that has stopped the static discharge.

Unfortunately, as I recall, I had to send the motor unit and power supply back to Michell in England for repair. I can't recall what they charged but they converted the power supply to the "Never-connected" model and fixed the tacho speed control on the motor assembly. It's been working fine since then.