ORANGE Fuse rejected

So, to bring everyone up to date, my favorite fuse for analog equipment has been Furutech for a long time (I’m really sad that they no longer make the fuse). For digital transport type equipment, the best fuse has been Audiomagic Superfuse (NOT beeswax fuse - in my opinion the beeswax fuses push too hard on the voltage - this is the best I can explain what happens).

So, with the addition of a Farad Super3 linear power supply added for my Pink Faun S/PDIF computer card, I decided to try a Synergistic Orange fuse on this Farad power supply. It has been in the unit for at least 6 weeks constant now (24 hours a day). I recently finalized the burn-in of my last set of digital AES/EBU cables and sat down for critical listening and comparison. While this setup allowed me to differentiate between the digital cables and select which ones sounded the best, there was no cable that really sounded "good". I was really confused at this point because the sound had this harsh edge no matter what digital cable I put in the system.

So, I decided to pull the ORANGE and put back in an Audiomagic Superfuse. Low and behold, all that harshness was gone!! Also, the Audiomagic Superfuse gave me more tones and texture in the bass than the ORANGE fuse did. It sounded much more natural as well (throughout the entire frequency range).

I remember when I first put the ORANGE fuse in, it was like "wow, there’s so much high frequency resolution". But in the end, this was too much and too harsh (like someone turning up the sharpness on the TV way too much!). The ORANGE fuse -might- do well in warm laid back sounding equipment, but I only build my systems with high resolution detailed equipment and the ORANGE is not a good match for this.

Like I said, the Furutech Rhodium has been the best I have used for analog equipment (i.e. preamps / amps). However, it is a bit too slow and colored for digital transports (streamers, transport, bluray players, roku, video processors, etc.). The Audiomagic Superfuse excels in the digital transport area because it is fast and also neutral sounding.

There appears to be another thread here talking about Quantum Science fuses, in which even the Light Blue was an improvement over the Synergistic ORANGE. I may read through that thread and possibly try one of the Light Blue or Yelllow in the future sometime. Maybe it would be a good alternative to Furutech Rhodium.
  • "Why in the world would anyone be opening up a perfectly fine component to replace its fuse if it is not broken ..."

Um, for a large improvement in sound quality?
Yes the fuse conundrum like most "tweaks" can be taken mostly with a grain of salt--but hey we are creatures of habit and in this game you must know when an "itch" pops up --damn hard not to scratch --so why not allow one a side track and dabble --hey only a few $$s for some fun and fuses-ha!

Yep at CES in 08 Bernd Hahn of Hi Fi tuning gave me some to try--sounded Ok nothing popped out and said take me--but I left them in and convince myself they were adding something maybe(?)-- hey its fun to try things and like I said scratch the itch!

Over the years tried many similar and some pricey ones namely
AMR/Furutech/Isoclean/Synergistic--I still have a Furutech Rhodium in my Tube Amp and it is the last of the Mohicans and seems stable.There are currently "new" Furutech fuses but they come out of HKG and are terribly finished and fail--I'd avoid them.

In my CD Player EVERY rated Slo Slo fuse from the MFG's named above all crapped out on turnon- did Smokey the bear blah!--I feel they are either poorly made or well below rating on their boxes--sadly I say save you $$'s on those brands

Now a light at the end of the Tunnel--and the only fuse that I feel does improve the sonic presentation -that is my feeling anyway and if others shout rubbish then Ok --but I'm the one listening not surmising .

The Jewel in the Crown of this is the Audio Magic Ultimate Premier
This little bugger survived turnon rush when over 12 others from other Mfgs FAILED Instantly and after 5/10 days is I feel giving the musical presence and sonic performance a substantial improvement to my ears.

Deride at your leisure--but I'll back my statement that this companies fuses are the real deal.

D T212
A fuse makes no difference to the sound. Wow. How gullible do you have to be to believe that it makes a difference?
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