Orange DIVO VT1000 tube tester

Any of you tube freaks have an opinion yet on this gizmo? It comes from the Guitar/Amp geek world and lists at maybe 500 bucks but may be useful. Youtube videos abound so please look at some and respond...go it now...I'll be waiting right here!
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It's a lot of money ($500) for the limited range of tubes it tests. For me it would have to measure 6SN7s and the 6DJ8-6922 family of tubes. I also see that it cant test 4 pin tubes. Others have noted that it doesn't test rectifiers otherwise they were on track. It does test the output tubes I have used or am using and it does test the 12A-7 tubes, that many preamps are based on.
It is hard to understand the scale they employ which goes from 1 to 15. They don't say if the higher number means a stronger emission or transconductance or what it might signify.
We will have to wait and see if the tester has a lower street price and gains wide acceptance. If it becomes a widely used tester the results may have comparitive meaning.
It does seem like an expensive "dumbed down" tube tester. Somebody should design a universal tester with a USB interface that costs a lot less...and displays test results on your computer in a way that's easy to understand.
Any other comments about this tester ? i likeĀ 
many guitar players use them to roll tubes...brand new and it works