Oracle SME 345 versus SME 309

Interesting - you can get the new SME 309 for the same price as more than 17 years old Oracle SME 345!
Just curious what it should tell me - the Oracle one is head above?
Availability and demand.
Used and rare vs in production.
The price has little to do with how good each is in a comparison.

It would only take a few word of mouth praise to boost the used one unaturally above it's real market value.
Some stuff is expensive more because it is rare and 'sought after' and has a myth about it, than the reality of just buying something in stock from a store.

I find that to be true of the ARC Sp-10 preamp. over rated and sells for big money yet. I had one and not impressed.
Stuff famous in it's day has a panache and a mythos and a mystique around it.
Some folks find that is enough to make it worth owning.

I prefer new stuff.
Most of the old stuff really worth keeping folks kept.
So for the price, it is actually not worth buying on real listening only criteria.
PLENTY of old crap lovers are going to crucify me for what I said.
It is the truth.

I am NOT saying old classics sound bad. they just are not a bang for the buck. (at least not the current big bang for the buck.. If you got one free or from you dad.. well then great!)
the 345 is a 309 with IV bearings and V wiring. It may also have a magnesium arm instead of aluminum, depending on how new it is. My 345 is magnesium, my 309 is aluminum. Can honestly say I hear a diffence.