Oracle Premiere - what's the difference

I have been trying to determine the difference between the Oracle Premiere and Oracle Delphi for various Mark versions. I havent really been able to get a definitive answer from Jacques at Oracle. For instance, the Premiere Mk II has the same suspension towers as the Delphi Mk III, but does it have the same motor? The Delphi MkIII has an AC motor. The Mk II has a 24vdc motor. The Mk II Premiere has an outboard power supply with digital readout of speed. How is that different than the Turbo power supply? The Mk II Premiere has an adjustment on the side of the bearing housing that is not on the Delphi either MK II or III. Is it a different bearing? I know the subchassis on the Premiere is larger, but is that the only difference? Surely someone here must know, or be able to point me in the right direction.
The reason I am asking, is that I like the Premiere's larger frame, but dont know how the other parts changed over the various Mk versions compared to the delphi. For instance, I have read that the MK IV Delphi used the bearing from the Premiere. The MK IV bearing had the nylon adjustments. Is that the adjustment screw I see on the Mk II Premiere?
thanks for any help
I am going by memory as I owned a Premier Mk2 back in 1987. The Premier offered a higher level of fit and finish. The biggest difference was the sub chassis which had greater mass with a larger footprint for stability. The arm board is also larger and could accommodate a greater range of tone arms. The MK2 had a DC motor with an outboard power supply that also provided power filtering. The suspension pillars and design are the same as the Delphi as the maintenance kit for each table is interchangeable.

The biggest difference between the various Mk1, Mk2 etc was the motor used. In the early days, Oracle had motor supply problems that necessitated a change in motors. Not sure about the bearing but I was under the impression that they were the same as the Delphi, but I could be wrong.

They are nice tables that can be upgraded by Oracle. Some of the motors used on earlier Delphi and Premiers are no longer available, therefore, that could present a problem if a motor repair is required. There is also a company that polishes Oracles to a brilliant mirror like shine that make them look like a mega buck table.

From a sonic point of view, the Premier addressed one of the problems of the Delphi. The Premier does not have a lean bass character like the Delphi, and that is what sold me on the Premier. Sorry that I don’t have any more specific details, but I would look in my files/manuals for additional info and post if I find anything.
I will add some details to the previous post.

As far as I remember the bearing of my old Premier mk3 was quite different from the Delphi - much more solid and the spindle was not integral with the platter.

The acrylic parts of the Premier were also thicker than those of the Delphi.
Is there a difference in the thickness of the aluminum frame compared to a delphi, or is it just longer?