Oracle Paris vs. Thorens TD 2035

I have stated in other posts that i'm getting back into vinyl. Want and need a turntable with a small footprint and both tables meet my size and price criteria. My concerns are is the Thorens TD 92 tonearm worthy on a $5k table? Does the Oracle Paris need the optional($900)turbo power supply to be competitive in its price range? I would appreciate any comments regarding the + and - of these turntables.
Having just read a test report regarding the Thorens TD 2035 claims it runs slow. Hifi News and Record Review claimed the TD 2035 ran at 33.01(-0.98%). Would this be a motor or power supply issue? Is the 6kg platter to heavy for the motor? Could improper set up or dirty electricity be a factor? You would think an upper level Thorens deck should run at or near exact speed.