Oracle Paris, 15 years old with Jelco 250ST Arm?

Does anyone know if the Oracle Paris (about 12-15 years ago) came with the Jelco 250ST Arm? Unfortunately I can't seem to get Oracle in Canada to reply to my emails asking for basic info and upgrade advice, so I turn to you all.

If my Oracle Paris indeed had the Jelco 250 Arm - is that Arm good enough for a Cartridge upgrade to a Benz Ebony or even a ZYX Air? (Currently using a Benz H2 with seemingly happy results). If my (250ST Arm?) is the weak-link of my Oracle, what is a recommended Arm for my Oracle which is not overkill for that early Oracle?

Thank you.
It's unlikely. Was Jelco even selling their own branded arms in 1992? I had one of these tables in white mk iv with a Rega RB300 arm from that era. It was ok, nothing to jump up and down about.I sold it for $450.00 probably worth $400.00 with the Jelco arm.
I was an Oracle dealer at that time. I'm pretty sure that arm was called the Oracle "Prelude" and it was made by Jelco. I don't think it was an exact 250ST model, but was the same as all the other Jelco OEM arms of the time. Not a bad arm for the money, but you could certainly do better.
Thanks, but does anyone know (what) the 'next class' upgrade would be (with a Linn type Arm mounting)?

I'd like to eventually be able to use a Cartridge like a Benz Ebony or a ZYX Aire, etc. (currently my TT has the nice Benz H2 and maybe that is already overkill for that Jelco 250 Arm(?)

A Linn Ittok LVII or LVIII would be killer on that table. If you can get a new armboard made, this is my current favorite arm:

Pay the little extra and get the Micrometer version.
Actually, I believe that Linn arms are drop-in replacements for the old Audioquest PT series. Best to confirm that first, though.
"A Linn Ittok LVII or LVIII would be killer on that table. If you can get a new armboard made, this is my current favorite arm:"

They even provide a pdf that lists carts that work and the added weight needed for some of them! Every arm manufacturer should do that! Just makes sense.

Y'all be cool,
Just to clarify, I don't believe the original arm on the Paris is exactly the same as the Jelco 250ST. For one thing, the original arm (at least on my Paris) was an Audioquest PT-5 (made, of course, by Jelco), but it had fluid damping, which I understand the 250ST does not have. Not sure if there are any other differences.

I've replaced the original arm with a Sumiko MMT (a forerunner to the Jelco 750), and I am very satisfied with it. I really like the ability to change out cartridges, with the removable headshell. (Note the geometry of the MMT and the Jelco 750 are not the same.)