Oracle MK VI upgrade

Has anyone upgraded their MK V to a VI? What benefits did you achieve? Oracle quoted separate prices for the MVSS ($800+120 installation), Bearing ($500), Delrin feet ($450) and Turbo power supply for $1,085.
$3,000 is a lot of coin. Have not heard the Mk6 but I know that many Oracle owners have reported excellent results by adding the Turbo Power supply. I would add that option first and evaluate the results.
I upgraded from V to VI and it is definitely worth it. I had the Turbo supply but all the other changes brought considerable improvement. The MVSS in particular allows you to fine tune the harmonic presentation and the new feet allow you to fine tune the level of the TT. An improved bearing always yields better sound. You would love the sonic improvements the conversion brings and it is very reasonable in the world of upgrades-really! I love the sound of my VI as it does so much right.
I've just done it -spent 4 hours in the weekend installing the upgrades. I'm in New Zealand so all the upgrades got shipped to me here-I have to say that Jacques at Oracle was a pleasure to deal with.( already had the Turbo power supply).Slightly more difficult in my case because I have the granite base but Oracle devised a simple but elegant solution to this. I do like the new feet- makes leveling the table a breeze.
I can't yet comment on the audible changes to the whole upgrade; I also changed my arm and cart so spent the weekend listening to the changes these two have brought. Haven't played with the MVSS but will report when I've done so.

Hi. I am considering the upgrade also. We both have the MKV with granite base. Did you drill and tap the holes for the MVSS yourself, and if yes, was it a difficult task?

I am interested mostly in the MVSS portion of the upgrade.

Hi Gmorris ,
I sent the subchassis back to Oracle- they drilled the holes in the underside of the chassis for three small threaded screws ( the lock nuts and the Delrin plunger attach to these).
The silicon "pots" attached to the granite base by way of double sided tape which Oracle had pre placed .So no drilling on the base needed. The tape is VERY effective and completely invisible.
If you are interested , my dealer gave me detailed instructions which are not part of the Oracle 6 manual. Following them made the whole thing very easy. Took a while because of the new arm and cart.
I've set tonight aside for a long session ; will play with the MVSS and report back.
Thanks Ella4ever,

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