Oracle Delphi Power supply

I would like to replace the original piece of crap PS from my Oracle Delphi 2.The new OD5 Power supply is out of my range.What do you Oracle owner recommends.
hi stella design,

i replaced the power supply on my oracle w/origin-live's dc power supply, & i'm very happy. it wasn't so straight-forward adapting it to fit the 'table, but it wasn't *too* bad, and origin-live's email support was wery good & helpful. it involved a couple of spacers to get the o-l pulley mounted a bit higher in the oracle's housing (i found that fuel hose, cut to ~3/4" high, worked wery vell, giving it firm, but damped support, & allowing longer screws to go thru it into the oracle's housing), grinding some metal off of the o-l motor bracket to clear the platter, getting a li'l box from radio-shack to house the electronics, and buying a flat belt the same size as the original's round belt. it's also possible to hook it up using the oracle's on/off switch - ya yust leave the o-l switch in the *on* position. only ting i couldn't figure out was how to get the li'l lite in the oracle's switch-housing to come on, but i don't miss this much.

all in all, an excellent p/s, & i tink it's a steal at the price - i tink the whole ting was less than $400, delivered from stoneaudio-uk. i'm not sure i'd go for the oracle p/s, even if it was the same price as the o-l... check out origin-live's www: also, stoneaudio's www: i also got the fully-tweaked rega rb250 - also an amazing deal, imho...

good luck, doug

I bought a custom made power supply from Taylor House in North Carolina but that was over 10 years ago and I do not know if he (Robert Taylor) is still in business. It made a noticeable improvement in the bass and dynamics of the 'table and it had an on/off switch. The power supply was not made by Taylor House, but by one of their customers. I just sold my Oracle to the Stereo Trading Outlet in Jenkintown, Pa. You may want to ask if he'll sell the power supply separately. It may not be as good as the above, but should be a little cheaper. Good luck.
Thanks Doug and Joe. I have been out of the country for awhile and could not reply earlier and miss the Trading Outlet listing. Are you guys familiar with the Walker Audio P.S.?
hi stella-d,

i've heard of the walker p/s, but have never even *seen* one, let alone auditioned it. the hi-end press seems to like it, tho... ;~) do you still keep your original motor w/it? w/the o-l mod i did, it also replaces the motor. for a couple hundred dollars more, there's a supposedly even *better* p/s one could get... i'd seriously check out their info on their www &/or email mark baker - i don't see how you can get near their mod for the price, even used.

regards, doug

ps - vpi also has a p/s that has gotten reviews similar to the walker - again, serious money, & again, i believe ya keep the original motor.

I have not heard of the Walker PS. Sorry. Joe