Oracle Delphi MK IV - Delrin Pillars Anyone?

Has anyone upgraded their pillars to the MKV delrin versions offered by Oracle? I'm considering it but wondering if it's worth it.

I've never used my table and am in the process of installing the maintenance kit and an SME V.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Just my 2 cents. I used to own the Premier Oracle. Loved it! My table had upgraded parts done by a specialty shop many years ago and it was fantastic. In stock form the table does a very nice job with noise control.

My concern with your inquiry is the cost and benefits of the upgrade in respect that Delrin is not a great material for antivibration. If you are looking at it for appearance its a 10, go for it.
Delrin does have some great sonic benifits.

I made my whole turntable from Nylon - similar to delrin in a sonic sense. It does not have that 'ring' factor that causes standing waves.

Best regards,
Dewald Visser
Oracle sells the MKV Delrin pillar as an upgrade to the aluminum pillars used in previous models at a cost of $95. The pillars are not seen as they are inside the aluminum pillar cover and are approx. 1/2" diameter and 3" long. They do however support the subframe as the suspension springs are hung from the pillars.

My guess is that the theory is that the Delrin will not transmit sound into the subframe as readily as the aluminum versions will. Make sense??

Remember - Aluminium have a 'ring' factor - like a bell. Delrin is 'dead-sounding' and more-or-less cannot accumilate standing waves.

Delrin will be better...

I own the Delphi MKV SE. I am in a positon to comment on the changes as I made this upgrade on my MKV which came with the steel pillars. As I recall, The improvement in sound was musically significant: quieter and blacker background, which allowed more musical details to emerge from the recording
a Christmas present for my turntable!
It will be a Christmas present for your ears. Please report on the upgrade...

Wow...I can't believe that it's taken me a year t get around to this project!!!

Finally the Dephi is up and running with Delrin towers, SME V and Grado Reference and does it sound sweet! How's it compare to the out going Well Tempered Classic? Dead 'black' quiet. Detail in all frequencies...I can now hear the bass strings, I can hear details in the sax reed. And bass....tons of controlled bass.

Not sure what I'll do with the WTT, but I still like the simplicity and uniqueness of it's design, but the Oracle is in a different league. thanks to all who replied.

And to those of you who own Oracles or are thinking about one....I can't think of a better, more helpful company. They expressed me parts such as a main bearing thrust pad and suspension springs at no cost!! They tele-walked me through some of the machining that I did to adapt the Delrin towers....can't say enough good stuff about them!!!

Where is it possible to buy the Delrin Pillars - any ideas?

I have the Delphi MK IV with a serial number that should allow this upgrade... according to information Stereophile review of the MK V.