Oracle Delphi Mk I motor and PS upgrades

Are there any good/cheaper alternatives to Origin Live's motor and PS upgrade for the Oracle Delphi Mk I?
You can try and mount the VPI Scout or TNT motor, or a Basis motor and then just change the pulley to get the speed where you want it. Its just a mathematical calculation to determine the pulley diameter to use with any platter diameter. If you use a VPI SDS you might not even have to change pulleys.
Thanks Manitunc. I appreciate your reply.

I have to wonder if a VPI/Basis motor will fit under the Delphi platter. It needs to be a specific height and the pulley has to align perfectly with the platter. I hate to buy something that won't work.

My platter is turning slightly fast. I'm sure the motor is fine. More than likely, it's the circuit that's drifted. I adjusted the trim as much as possible, but can't get the correct speed. It's ever so slightly fast. Now that it's on my radar, I'll obsess over it until I get it right. A control box would be ideal, but the SDS is too expensive. The Origin Live kit is looking more attractive now. I just wish there were other options.

If anyone has an inexpensive suggestion, please let me know.

Many thanks,
Have you tried the speed adjustment screws either on the back of the motor mount or on the left side of the front speed selector mount? You should be able to get some speed adjustment from those.
I adjusted the screw on the back of the motor as far as it would go. I don't see anything to adjust on "the left side of the front speed selector mount." Your Delphi is newer than mine, so I might not have that. Thanks again for your help.
Ok, then try putting a layer of tape around the part of the platter that the belt rides on. This makes the platter circumferance bigger, which would slow down the platter. YOu may have to use more than one layer. masking tape works fine, but make sure you clean and degrease the area so it sticks well.
doh! that's a brilliant low cost solution. Thank you!
Manitunc, this is a bit late, but I appreciate your help. I'm embarrassed to say, but I was using an LED to measure the speed. A friend clued me into the fact that an LED doesn't flicker at 60 Hz. I don't why I didn't think of this sooner, but I'm happy to report that my motor speed is spot-on without any repairs or mods.