Oracle Delphi MK 1 advice please

Good evening

Im looking for some sales advice on my turntable

This is an Oracle delphi MK 1 ( i may be wrong , its not marked and i cant find the manuals or original receipts)

Its in great condition ( No lid ) and tested and works

What sort of canadian dollars could i ask for this

It also comes with the Mission 774 tonearm ( i forget which cartridge tho )

i tried to attach a video of it working , but thats not allowed , neither is a pic

i see no way for attachments here

I can just say it works and is in great condition

TIA for help
Tough part will be the age. The table is 35 years old, so it is possible that the parts may need to be refurbished.

This link may be helpful

I would also call Larry at Hollywood Sound in South Florida. He is a dealer, repair tech, and overall knowledgeable vinyl man.  He can give you a pointer, or perhaps service it for you.

good luck!
Thank you

Im in Ontario Canada 

If it needs maintenance id like to be able to drive there , and not ship

as i dont have proper shipping package

The furthest i may be able to go is Toronto , Kitchener , Guelph ontario

If anyone knows id appreciate it

Give Brian Berdan a call at his shop (Audio Elements) in Pasadena, CA. His Dad Brooks is the guy who designed the mod for the table which Oracle ended up incorporating into it. Brooks taught Brian all about the table before dying a few years back.
If you are just going to sell it, perhaps an auction will get you  what it is worth.  You will normally have the option to put a minimum reserve price .  If you advertise the auction and post all the attachments you like to give people the correct condition of the table as it is.  If you get enough attention and you may need to use another big auction site to get as many eyes as you can on it, it will sell for what it is worth by definition.  Refurbishing old 'high end' audio is never cheap.  It is usually done for emotional reasons not financial.
I live near Toronto and might be interested at the right price. My number is nine o five 462 one two three four if you would like to contact. 

Seems we cant send pvt messages here 

im at work right now , but can still do emails (ssshhh) not calls tho

Feel free to email me

And we can discuss further 

i have someone coming tom. morn ( if he makes it , due to work etc) 

Discussing with him , and a few audio stores in Toronto , holding that everything i ve said is true (thay havent seen it yet ) we ve agreed 1k to 1100 .00 would be fair

But once viewed one may not agree with what i said

Yes i do prefer a pick up as well

In fact , shipping this item is way too risky

Plz email if you can . i cant do fone for a while