Oracle Delphi Mark V Belt Installation

How can I find step by step instructions as to how to install a new drive belt in an Oracle Delphi mark V turntable? The manual which came with it is useless to me.
Thanks, Charles
You can try emailing them at

It is relatively easy to do but the instructions are usually in the owners manual. It is the reverse of inserting the platter.

If you need this info email me and I can give you detailed instructions.
It is a pain...
I don't know of any other way other than what the manual says...grab the platter, strech the belt with one or both your index fingers, drop slowly (very slowly) the platter into the spindle hole, and pray.
Pray for not getting your fingers grabbed between the platter and the base (making you curse as you didn't know you could), for the belt to get around the engine spindle, for the belt staying around the engine spindle, and for the belt staying around the inner platter... After about 4-5 trials (yes, I'm that dumb)I finally succeeded, only to find out that I had to dismantle it again to readjust vta..dropping precious oil everywhere...Good luck!
brgds, marcelo
I had a Delphi and changing the belt is a scary experience.
I think the best way to do it is to have a helper.
I always did it alone and it wasnt fun.