Oracle Delphi II v Linn Axis or vica versa

I have a Linn Axis with Linn Basik Plus in very good condition. I am contemplating an older - but mint Oracle Delphi MkII and Grace combo - any opinions or suggestions?
I think the Oracle would be a better sounding table. The Grace is a little long in the tooth, but if you stick to a higher compliance cartridge, with not alot of weight, you'll be ok. Dynavector cartridges would be good for it.
The Oracle, would definitely be the better sounding table, if properly setup. Because it is spring suspended, it needs a careful setup. The Axis, was a plug n play design. The only weakness, with the Oracle, was it's speed control. This can be ameliorated, with an Origin Live, motor, and power supply w/speed control.
With the Grace arm, you probably will not get everything out of the table, it is capable of. But you will have the basis, of being able to upgrade arms, to get about 80%, of what is capable, in analog. The other 20%, costs a whole lot of green.