Oracle Delphi/ ET-2 static electricity issue

I have an Oracle Delphi turntable with Eminent Technology ET-2 arm. WISA pump and air tank.
Sounds absolutely fantastic. However, am experiencing a lot of issues with static electricity
I have one tonearm cable ground wire connected from the grounding screw on the chassis of the Oracle and another grounding wire from the Oracle bearing.
I have no ground to the tonearm itself. Not sure where I could ground it.
I have tried to connect the ground wire to the pre-amp, the power amp, and to my power cleaning device.
Nothing works. I get pops that are loud every couple of minutes.
Anyone else with the same issue.
I hear this is pretty common for air bearing tonearms.
Thanks in advance.
Are you using a carbon fiber anti-static brush like the Auidoquest on your LPs? If so, after applying the brush to the LP before play, touch it to the tonearm. You'll probably hear a static discharge audibly through your speakers. I do this routinely before playing each LP with the air bearing tonearm on my Walker Audio turntable. (With the Walker, there is not only the elimination of static pops during play, there is an overall improvement in the sound versus not doing this, so I have twice the incentive to follow this bit of preparation ritual.)
I have an ET-2 mounted on a Merrill Heirloom table and have not experienced this problem in 10+years. I DO have a static problem after walking across the carpet and getting zapped when I touch a component. I solved this by discharging myself via a piece of metal (key, screw driver blade, etc.) held in hand and touching that to a grounding point before touching a component. I also, on particularly dry days when I know static build up will be a problem, I spray Static Guard arond the area of the components and cables and carpet. Also, and this made a BIG difference, is placing a humidifier in the room---this may help your problem.

Let us know your progress.

Good luck.
I have an Oracle Delphi MK 2 w/ ET 2 tonearm. I do not get pops. BUT I do pick up a spanish AM station during the daytime. My tonearm wire is Van den hull silver. I think that is the culprit as it is un shielded.

Do you have a tray that you put fluid in for the arm? Lost my fluid.