Oracle Delphi 33/45 Switch

That could be funny question...but where on turntable I could locate 33 to 45 or 45 to 33 RPM switch? I just got my new to me MK 1 delivered. It sounds so sweet! But I just can't find it anywere! Besides it...while we ate on this topic... The plastic plate (with the name/logo "Oracle" on it at the front of the turntable..where the power on/off button is) looks very old. It is dimmed...there are hair thick a web...just result of aging. I pulled it away from alluminum base. It came off very easy. Behind of it I found two light diodes wich I suppose should light on when I turn the turntable on. Is it right? And last.. I wonder if anyone knows where I could purchase some replacement new dust cover, that plastic plate with Oracle logo...may be new motor. I know there is Mantainace Kit available on internet. I would appreciate any help wiht locating a store which resell Oracle Delphi parts.
The 33/45 selector is built into the sliding on/off switch that you mentioned now has hairline cracks. Not all Oracle tables support 33 & 45, I know that the "turbo" power supply models support both.

Contact Oracle and order the stuff you need:



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