oracle delphi

need to know where to send a delphi in to be worked on the problem is when you hit the 33 swwitch nothing happens no lights and platter does not turn talked to oracle canada but no help the plug that goes into the back of the delphi has 28 volts so if you can help out please let me know thanks
FWIW, If you can use a voltmeter to check the output of your power supply you can eliminate that as a cause. Next I would check the switch itself. Alternately, if 45 rpm and 45rpm switch work ok, then again, it is probably the 33 rpm switch that is defective. Parts and instructions for replacement could probably be obtained through Oracle in Canada.
Brooks Berdan Ltd., Monrovia, CA 626-359-9131. Knows more about Oracle than anyone on the planet.
Which model Delphi are you using?
Did you check the fuse in the power supply?
Narrod's advise on Brooks Berdan Ltd. is right on! I had forgotten about them, but their advise to me in the past was perfect (regarding tonearm/cartridge issues). They are very knowledgable.
Brooks is the maven of the Oracle turntable,there is no use in disputing it. He is the only one besides myself I let work on mine period.
Along time ago I think Michael Percy use to have these in his audio shop as a retailer,But this was many,many years ago.
He may still have some knowledge on the player.