Oracle CD 2500

Hi everyone, I wonder if there are any owners of the Oracle cdp CD2500 (or transport CD2000) around?

Very little information available besides the review on Stereophile back in oct/2000 and Oracle's own web page. I'm considering ordering one, so it's always good to have some feedback from real owners.

Fyi, this CD will replace (or complement, who knows?) my current CDP ECM1UP 24/192, and already had the chance to trial a Wadia 861, an AR CD3 (both at home for 2 weeks simultaneously), and neither CDP did make any difference to my ears...

My system consists of
ECM1UP cdp
Krell FPB300c
MLogan Prodigy (biwired)
VDH the revelation speaker cable
Transparent Ultra interconnects

Thanks for any/all inputs
Nobody's having a CD 2500 or a transport CD2000? Are there any other reviews than Stereophile's? I'd have thought there were quite a few owners out it that rare of a cdp?
brgds, marcelo