Oracle Alexandria Question

My brother's old Garrard has died, he has a sizeable record collection and wants to spend about $5-700 for a decent TT, arm and cartridge. I've pointed him to the Rega and MMF models, but my dealer has a nice-looking used Oracle Alexandria for sale which, with a nice cartridge, will fit in that price range. Sonically, I would expect it to better most of the newer tables I mentioned, judging from the reports in the archives. My only concern will be reliability (there was mention in one thread about a warped base or something like that?). Any owners out there who can comment? Also, any thoughts on a cartridge (I think this one has an Oracle arm, and my brother uses a Marantz receiver which probably will only take a MM design)? Thanks for any input.
I've set up my friend Alexandria TT with original Prelude arm and cheap Grado MM cartridge. Than he upgraded to Goldring Eroica. The setup is increadible with Michell ISO phonostage stolen for $200 the one made by Tom Evans. No compromise in dynamics to any Rega models, higher resolution and tighter bass.
As to reliability you realy should check the condition of turntable and prefere a local pick up or make shure that seller is competent on shipping of turntables. To get parts for this turntable is literally impossible since they're out of production a good while ago.
Excellent turntable and a very good arm. The only problem is the arm has a mechanical auto cue devise which lifts the arm at the end of the record. This can engage prematurely and can be a pain in the ass. If this unit doesn't have that problem I'd take it over a Rega or MMF. By the way it does take a bit of patience to set it up properly. No warps in my unit.
If the Alexandria is not warped already I doubt that it will. Do you know what generation Alexandria you are considering?
I had one several years ago and enjoyed it very much. I had a problem with the buttons once, but I got it fixed for a reasonable price so I can't complain.
It should be a good table for your brother. Though I would try to get a handle on the age.
I have had an Oracle Alexandria table and a Sumiko MMT arm for many years and have been very happy with the combo. I recently had it tuned up by my dealer with new suspension parts, lubrication, belt, etc. Brand new parts kits are available from Oracle that have new springs, belts, lubrication, etc. When I had it tuned up, I also had a new Benz Glider cartridge installed.

The only problem that I ever encountered with my turntable was that over the years, the subchassis on my table did warp to the point where I was not able to raise the platter above the plinth so the platter eventually started scraping the plinth surface. However, my dealer was able to straighten out the subchassis for me when he tuned it up. We figured that the subchassis must have warped when I tranported the turntable very briefly without first removing the heavy platter (I was in a hurry and didn't remove the platter.....)

I think that the Alexandria is a very good compromise between today's "cost no object" turntables and budget tables. If you can find one in good shape, go for it!
If any Alex fans are still out there, has anyone tried replacing the Groove Isolator with the new acrylic mat? The thing costs over $250. I won't buy it without hearing that it makes a big difference.