Oracle Alexandria Owners Manual

I am now the very happy owner of a Oracle Alexandia, that I set up with a grace F-9f. Not exactly cutting edge, but sounds so much better than my old Dual, at a price I could afford.
My question is; would anyone have an idea as to where I could obtain a owners manual? Not only do I like having the documentation but the suspention is a little tricky.

There is a good read at
Go to the "forums" and click "sources".There is a sticky called "Attention Oracle Alexandria owners and perspective purchasers".I am sorry but don't know how to provide a direct link.
Good luck
a copy can be gotten from oracle.
a copy can be gotten from oracle.
Nothing like prompt service.
It seems that the bowed chassis mentioned on the canuckaudio
sticky would fall in line with what I'm fighting. Certainly didn't want to spend another $250.00, but will call Oracle in the morning and check out both of my issues.

Thank you gentelmen