Or is it the wine?

Beautiful day, here in the Upper Mississippi River.
Listening to my "second" system and knowing that my whole participation in this hobby has been a pursuit of that "moment" when artists, through music, touches the soul - recapturing an experience innocent youth. Trying to recreate that moment is not about how it sounds, but how it engenders an emotional connection. Does great sound make that experience more accessible? Sure. Probably.
But rather than an analysis and evaluation of reproducing the creation of performance, musical "connection" is not in the realm of reason/intellect. It is in that ethereal world of spirituality, emotion.
So this river rig, although not the league in any analytical sense to my main system, allows the experience of that moment. Or is it the wine?
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Did someone say wine?
Wine always works for me when it come to forgetting the equipment and just enjoying the music.

Though great with conversation, wine helps to turn off the OCD aspect of analysis and allows one to simply go with the flow.

Now, for a splash more.

All the best,
I find that a big factor to me accessing the connection to the music is what I'm bringing to the table: my mood, whether I'm tired, content, sad, ect.

Music from my rig sounds best when I'm in a relaxed mood, my mind is clear and my heart open.
The system has to be good. High end has its branches where you have to mix components wisely, specially in analogue, but also relationships between speakera and amps are important, etc. Yes, wine is good but I think it is better if the equipment is composed of the right combination of parts.
Wine, Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, it creates 'moments'. Don't fight it.
Downing a Bottle of Wine is the cheapest audiophile Upgrade
If only it had a permanent and lasting effect.
It can, over time. Liver failure ... diabedes ... dimentia ... accidental catastrophe's

I plan to die raving about my system, while bleeding internally, about to pass out from disasterous blood sugar levels, as I trip and fall into my high powered tube amp.

But not in the near future.
Too bad it is high powered, I'd rather do the same on a somewhat lower powered one.
More wine, less power