Options to Display Album Art and Other Data on a TV

I am currently running Audirvana on an iMac and sending it to an Oppo BDP-103. This sounds pretty good, but I only get the song title and track length on my TV. I normally play flac files and am meticulous about having the correct song title, album name, year, etc. plus high quality artwork for each song (currently over 12,000 songs in my library). I've been reading about various DAC options, but I don't see any options for displaying more info plus artwork on a TV. I know I can see it in an app in my iPad, but most of the time, I just want to glance up at the tv to see it. Are there any good options for this? I've tried Roon, but I didn't like it.
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Why don't you hook up your TV to your iMac via HDMI? Use it as a second screen.
Great suggestion. I didn't think of that because my computer and TV are about 30 feet apart, but I can look into the airplay option for the display. Thank you for the suggestion.
What if I took the iMac out of the picture? Or, are there any other streaming options that meet this criteria? I ask because I hear a lot about the Bluesound Node (and others), but from what I can tell none of them offer any output to a TV for the artwork and data.