Options on a new DAC for my Sony 333ES SACD player

I need advise on which dac I should go with to upsample my redbook cd playback on the 333ES SACD player. This player was modified by Dan at Modwright. He did a great job but I would like to see if I can improve the redbook performance even more with a 192kHz upsampler. My choices are, Musicality Fidelity A-324 DAC, Bel Canto 2 DAC and the Perpetual Technology P1A& P3A combo. Any input will be welcome. My system includes. Audible Illusions M3A preamp. Sony333ES SACD player, Ps Audio P-300, Bryston 4BST, Vienna Acoustic Mahler's, and Harmonic Technology Pro9 Plus speakers cables,and Pro silway II interconnects. Thanks in advance.

I am using this player as well (unmodded) and am serioulsy considering a high quality one box cd player (like a used levinson 39 or Cary 306/200) with a digital input so I can have the benefit of a top quality single disc transport and better DAC.

I imagine you would do well with any of the DAC's you mentioned. Obviously, listening to different DAC's, when possible in your own system, is your best bet.
I do not believe you will realize any benefit from an external DAC.

In the opinions of people like Rick Schultz of EVS, a modded Sony SACD player such as your SCD - 333ES(which I also own), is a good bit superior to a player with an external DAC. He feels so strongly about this that he stopped making his own highly regarded DAC to focus on modding SACD players. I believe that what Rick says is the case, especially, regarding the three DACs you listed.

Personally, I find that the player is very nice as is. All components err in some ways. The SCD - 333ES errs in the correct ways. Falling short in resolution, refinement, air, and delicacy in Redbook mode. I would not be able to live with the player if it was bright, harsh, analytical, sterile, not musical, or "digital".

Its problems should all be addressed by the mods offered by people such as Rick Schultz, Dan Wright, Richard Kern, Stan Warren, etc. I say that because parts/circuit upgrades always improve the type of shortcomings that I listed for this player. As your player is already "Modwrighted", I fear you can go no further. For now.