Options for PSB Sync 1 to Ayre AX-7e Bi-Wire Cable

So like many before me I am struggling through my speaker cable choices. Due to room layout, and previous cable routing I have to use a longer speaker cable run -- 17' to 22'. That said I am looking for good yet affordable ($100-$400) bi-wire cable options. My room is a little brighter (wood floors, high ceilings 18X24) - so I want to ensure the best bass without giving up the separation in mid/highs. Finally more feedback on the stranded vs. solid.

I have been considering the following:

* Kimber KWIK 12 (2 pairs each to biwire)(STRANDED)
* Belden 5000UE (2pairs each to biwire)(STRANDED)
• Audioquest Star Quad Type 2 (one pair each – biwire ready) (SOLID) --- but different sizes of cable for bass vs. mid/high – some speaker companies do not like this
• Anti-Cables 22’ lengths terminated (SOLID)

Thanks ahead for your advice!