Options for Blu-Ray and 2.1 Setup

I recently shipped my Integra 50.1 receiver back to Onkyo USA for repairs at no charge to me (I have no idea why as it’s pushing three times the advertised warranty) and before contacting them I purchased a Harmon Kardon unit that is simple unacceptable. 

When doing any critical listening I use my Yaqin tube amplifier so I thought a drop in receiver quality wouldn’t be noticed as much as it has. 

I’d love to get a stereo integrated with a home theater bypass (I don’t see this feature listed much anymore). I don’t mind giving up the surround speakers, but maintaining the capability to decode blu-ray audio is important as is room calibration primarily for the subwoofer. 

Any ideas?  If money were no object, a preamp and power amp setup would be an excellent setup, but that’s not the reality for me. 

Integrated amps like the Krell S300i or Cambridge Audio 840 are on my wish list. 

The only downside to my tube setup is not feeling free to turn it on and off constantly like I do with my receiver for background listening.  I am completely satisfied with its sound. I guess if they fix my Integra I might be good again, but the HK simply cannot be the final solution.

Maybe a power amp for the Integra could be a step for the future where a pre amp could replace the receiver while allowing me to use the power amp with my iTunes setup?

I am sure you have noticed that I am all over the map and mostly looking for some ideas. 

In the end the goal is a great stereo non-tube) setup with a gateway for blu-ray audio in 2.1 channels. 

Looking for a high-end integrated amp with a direct pass-through for use in HT AV application?

REGA OSIRIS ..... highly recommended  
Thanks for the recommendation.  My price range is probably closer to 1/5th or 1/10th of that retail price.  I would love to hear one though. 
For a little follow up. I will be returning the Harmon Kardon receiver back and see what kind of refund I can get. Even having to eat a 20% restocking fee will recover more of the cost than selling it. 

I also purchased a Cambridge Audio 840A v2 integrated that should arrive tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing this amplifier in my system. 

The repair air estimate from Onkyo USA is 7-10 business days so I will be in a state of flux until it comes back and I can figure out the puzzle that will be my audio cabinet. Both the CA and Yaquin tube amplifier will need some room to breath.