Optional S/PDIF digital input for APL Denon 3910

Dear Audiogoners,
I am a quite happy owner of APL modified Denon 3910.
Currently I am in the process of transferring my whole music collection to a music server in FLAC format.
In the chain of equipment I would need good quality DAC. The thought occurred to me that instead of purchasing new DAC, I should be able to install optional S/PDIF Coaxial Digital input allowing for connection of digital sources to my Denon (this option was offered by Alex after I modified my player).
Currently Alex is nowhere to be found (probably he is enjoying his stay in Bulgaria, who knows ;-) , so I am on my own.
My question to you is: do you know any good technician preferably in San Francisco area who would be able to add this type of input into my player?
Your answers and help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance
If it were me, I'd buy a good stand alone DAC from the many available in the

1) Alex is not presently available to customers for service requests due to his
extended overseas stay
2) A secondary technician could screw up the APL player, and then what do
you do?

Modding the APL is a risky move, IMO.
I agree w Tvad. Its already been modified once and unless your player is different than mine, its not exactly a wide open, neat and easily traced layout inside. Buy a DAC or wait til Alex returns.
Thank you Gentlemen,
I will follow your advice and wait for Alex's return.
My understanding is that he was deported for shady activities in this country, any truth to this matter? Those with APL's are left holding the bag ? What a shame, so much hype over the years on these units.
What's your source of this info?
I have to disagree with you guys. NO question that Alex is a genius, but I would be completely shocked if one of the other well known mod companys could not make repairs and upgrades to the APL players. If Alex has been mia for most of 2008, all of us who have invested serious cash in APL players need a Plan B.

I have never spoken with these 2 companies below, but maybe someone can call these guys and ask if they would be interested in working on APL units. I have read the horror stories of the guys with broken NWO3.0's and they need help ASAP.


Reference Audio Mods might be a possibility, as would Ric Shultz
(Tweak Audio)
OK, great ideas from Billbench and Tvad. Will report back after I try contacting them this week.
Swampwalker, please do report back. I am one of those stuck with an NWO that is not functioning properly.

I do think Alex will return or let us know where to get our units repaired, but when is the question. He has been gone since May or June (can't remember) and refuses to reply to emails. And everyone knows his CSM quit.

Not great business practices for someone who wants to release a new product soon.
I thought I would chip in here regarding APL as I am also very concerned - I submitted a thread about this issue which has not been posted to the forum.

I have an order in for a NWO - it was placed 19 months ago in April 2007. I have since been promised delivery in October 2007, January 2008, April 2008, May 2008 and still no player in sight.

Alex is apparently somewhere in Europe and Brent due to health reasons is no longer the customer representative - I have provided a US$5,000 deposit plus provided an Esoteric X01 player.

I am currently considering what options are available to me including legal action but if anyone else is in a similar position I would be interested to hear.

I would like to cancel my order and be refunded for my out of pocket expenses but believe this will not happen.

Many thanks

James, I feel your pain. Out of curiosity, did you give your $$ and Esoteric to Alex or to Brent?
I gave my $$ and the player to Alex.