Option to Ikeda/Rowland cartridge

I own a Jeff Rowland Complement cartridge, designed by Ikeda, marketed in the early 2000s under the Rowland name. Judging from my research, these must have been rare. I use it with an SME V arm.

I have not bought another cartridge since this one, which was re-tipped/rebuilt last year. Overall It has always made me happy- solid bass and midrange, though perhaps not as articulate as I would like. The highs are smooth and sweet, maybe they could be more brilliant. I don't really know what's possible.

I will keep this cart, but I would like to buy another that will exhibit improvement in articulation and brilliance, the presence, "thereness" factor.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Last question- would you be comfortable with buying a preowned cart on Agon?
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I would look for someone who is able to rewire the SME V. The cartridge itself is very good. Or, when you are not married with the Arm, go for a FR-64s with silver cable inside. The gain in articulation, brilliance, presence and "thereness" factor is stunning.