optimum watts per to drive KEF 104/2's

what is ideal amp power (watts per) to optimize my KEF 104/2's performance?
I almost bought a pair of used 104/2 from a KEF dealer awhile back and he suggested 150 wpc ( 4 ohms )..I would assume you could get by with less but from what he told me they sound much better with a little more juice.......
thanks Thorman. That was precisely the info I was looking for.
I run a pair of 104/2's using an aragon 4004, I have tried them on my perrault ep 100 but they sounded a bit flat and 'small'.

I think they need a fair chunk of power.
I am temporarily running a pair of 104/2 with an Audio Research VT 130SE, and
they sound absolutely to die for, once my sound room is complete I will go back to my Wilson Audio Witt, and the Kefs will run with my Marantz 2325 in my office. Great speakers even in todays age.
I was researching another amp and found this old thread.

With my KEF 104/2 speakers I've been founding a lot of happiness powering them with a Kavent P-3300 amp.

Now from talking to another user here on A'gon he was powering his KEF 104/2s with a VAC Avatar Intergrated that puts out 28 Watts/channel in triode mode and he loved the combination. He could play music loud and clear in his medium sized room with no issues.