Optimum TT Height

Would love to hear some views on the optimum height for a turntable. I would guess that the users' height plays a role here. I am 5' 9" or 69" tall, so I am thinking a good workable TT height would be approx. 51". Any ideas?

The top of my platter is 49" above the floor and that's very comfortable for me. I'm 6'.

I am 5'10" and have the top of the platter at 42". An important consideration having the platter at a height such that the light reflecting off the record allows you to see the spacing between tracks clearly. You have some flexibility to adjust a light and the platter height to achieve this goal, but the higher the platter the harder it is.
I'm 6' 1" and my platter is 51" above the floor. I find this very convenient for cueing, stylus examination, record sweeping, etc. Also, even though it (thankfully) is not done on a regular basis, when I do a cartridge install/alignment it is beneficial not needing to bend over so much. I've become spoiled by the convenience of this height and would not want to go back to anything much lower.

Some might be concerned about stability of a rack with such a high shelf but my shelf is wall mounted so no worries there. Then I have a modest sized sand box on the shelf with the table on that.
Hang your arms at your side and measure how far your elbows are from the floor. Around that height is what feels most comfortable to me. As long as your not having to bend of or reach high, you'll probably be ok.

Dcstep is thinking along my lines - ergonomic design.

For me, this ends up with record platter height just a bit lower - perhaps 4" below my elbows as I like a less acute angle when placing a record on a platter.

Think in terms of holding a record in front of you and placing it on a platter ... what feels most natural to you.

For me this ends up being the above, and for others this may be quite a bit higher. Handling a tonearm makes sense at this height for me too!

Thom @ Galibier
Very interesting, Dcstep and Thom. I think I got lucky when I built my stand. I was thinking about the height since it can make or break cartridge setup ease. In the end my platter surface ended up at about 39" off the floor, which is about 5 or 6 inches below my elbows. This is working pretty well for me. But when my back starts complaining after a few minutes of bending to see the stylus/protractor, I think it would be even better a few inches higher.
Regular record handling is fine at that height, but standing over a protractor can be panful.

I usually do my setup (sighting in on the protractor) on one knee ... gets my head at the right height with little strain.

Thom @ Galibier
Dcstep and I have similar set ups. I'm an inch taller and my table is 2" higher.

Concerning ergonomic design, the ease of viewing the record/arm/cartridge without bending over is at least as important to me as record handling. Perhaps that is a function of my aging eyes and back. Years ago my setup placed the platter about 18" high -- never again! Concerning light, I use a Little Lite with an adjustable goose neck which can be made to work for any viewing angle so I don't consider that an issue.

Anyway, my table has been at the 51" height for several years now and I have no need to change it.
I'm on the high side: 56" for the platter, 6'2" for me. I like the height for cart arm adjusting and have no problem with the records. This also helps in sighting whether the clamp has mated the record completely to the platter.
Good advice! I am leaning towards 51" or so... Need to decide so that I can have my MapleShade Samson V.2 cut to the correct height. Thanks!
Stands like the Mapleshade Samson often use standard length threaded rod, as in 48" in this case, which then puts the actual height a couple inches higher with the cones. Add to this the three "P"s of vinyl, platform, plinth, and platter and you end up with your 51+", with no need for custom cutting.
I'm 6' tall and have 2 TT rigs. 1 is at 48" platter height, the other is at 55". Both are very comfortable. I've had them on lower stands (mid-belly height or lower) and it's awful.