Optimal room for org sonus faber cremonas

Hi all

I will soon be having a major house inlargment where i have the oppotunity making my owen dedicated hifi room.

My speakers are fulrange crmonas driven by linn klimax solos.
Basic sound of my system is very very deep dynamic bass and openess.

The room will have a v shaped seeling .

My owen thourgts is a room there is somthing like 30 feet times 20 feet .
I hate overly damped room and il much rather have a bigger room with less damping , and after hearing the cremonas in my dealers fairly large untreated room i diffently got the imprission that the cremona wassent designed for heavly damped rooms with thick carpets.

so my owen thourgts is having a solid wooden floor directly on concrete, and then use diffusiors on the walls.

but eny advice or pointers regading the MAX size room for the org cremonas or other inputs for my plans with be greeatly appriciated.

Stongly recommend you start by contacting Rives for a level 1 or 2 consultation. The guys @ GIK Acoustics are another good source of info and effective room treatment products @ a very reasonable price. Do it right from the git-go, and you will spend less time chasing your tail and will save money in the long run.

After being in this hobby for approx. 5 years, I'm finally starting to pay less attention to changing components and more attention to cables, NOS tubes and room treatments... and it's paying big dividends.
Only problem is I liv in europe .

I agree the roomhave huge impact on the preformans of your system and my cremonas completly change carectere when i move them around.
I own Cremonas.

Your plan - app 30 X 20 feet - is a pretty good size, but I was advised that a 1.5 to 1 ratio in length to width may cause some problems. Maybe making the long wall slightly smaller (28 feet) may help suppress unwanted nodes.

For damping, I would conside either:

1) Curtains over a finished wall
2) Reversible panels, reflective on 1 side, absorptive on the other.

By opening or closing the curtains (or flipping the panels) you can "fine tune" the room's damping. IMO, this is the best way to deal with this issue, and it can be great looking too.

BTW, my Cremonas are in a smaller (app 18x24) room that is highly damped with carpets and curtains (always closed) and they sound very good.

Good Luck

Hi Tda:

Allow me to offer a few considerations.

1. Why not contact Sonus Faber to ask if they have room recommendations?

2. Rives and other consultants can provide you basic help without visiting your home so being in Europe should not matter.

3. There is extensive room design/treatment information on line if you do a search. The more you learn, the better consumer you will become. A 30 x 20 x 10 (assumed average height with your ^ ceiling) would likely have problems with standing waves because of multiple dimensions. I'd suggest planning on classic dimension ratios (L x W x H) such as 2.52:1.59:1 or if you really need a large room then 3.18:2.52:1.

4. The best rooms I've heard offer a balance between damping and reflection. You will need to evaluate both.

Good luck.
Hi all

Thanks for the insightfull replys it has given me some ideas on have to plan things.
Il also contacts sonus faber and rivers for more indeepth recormendations.

thanks again

all th best