Optimal Phono Stage Output?

I recently traded in and up to a Jolida JD9 -- one of the originals from the Maryland factory. I'm still in the process of setting it up and wanted to check in and get some ideas.

The thing with the Jolida (and many of you probably already know this) is that there is a *ton* of gain on hand. I went trough several different settings only to arrive at using the low-outputs with the MM switch w/ 47kOhm switch engaged. So far, this seems to fit well with the AT120E/T cart I'm using.

The original version of the JD9 has trim pots that can be used to dial in the gain when using the low outputs. I pulled out my multimeter to balance the channels and got readings of 18Kohm and 12Kohm on L/R channels respectively. Using the pots, I balanced everything up - no problem.

It got me thinking though, what is the optimal output, what *should* the reading be? My integrated expects 47KOhm input, but I expect that the line level signal jumps all over the place. I suspect I should play a test tone through the preamp and then measure? Heck, I'm not even sure what these measurements actually mean... Please - set me straight! :)

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your integrated has pretty wide range of inputs you can use. your phono perhaps would output somewhere between 50...150mV and never "expects" any impedance you've mentioned. i would prefer normal listening level at somewhere close to "noon" on the volume control dial and so you can adjust your phonostage gain. this way you'll get good transperency and dynamic headroom.