Optical v. Coax digital audio cables

Given the choice (without regard to cost) which cables are preferred, coax or digital for audio? Reasons? Cable runs will be 10 feet and 3 feet. I undersand the optical cables will not be subject to RE/EFI noise. Would this make optical cables the better choice?
Optical is thre only choice for longer runs. I would look at Wireworld Supernove optical cable;it is the best I've heard.
Coax is preferred. It transmits the digital signal more accurately and intact. With optical you have to be concerned about the bend in the cable so as not to create any distortion from stressing the optical fibers in the cable. There are certainly other reasons that escape me; however, maybe someone else can provide input here.
I agree with Coax as being the choice, but consider Balanced instead of single end if your runs are 10 feet! Happy Listening!
I agree with Jsawhitlock. If you can do balanced, that's your choice. Otherwise, Coax is your choice... less conversions, etc... (this has been covered extensively in recent threads). But let's face it... 10 feet is not a desirable length.
>without regards to cost> ? In a home theatre environment the toslinc does well. For 2ch--that's different. I am forced to use toslinc out of my HiDef sat. set top box--going into my Meridian processor. The sep. amps,speakers and wires I use make up for a lot.BTW, I do use the iridescent green toslinc.