Optical USB drive for ripping

I want to rip cd’s to a Melco server.  See quite  a few under the 125.00 range. Any favorites?

I know I can rip these over my network. Bits are bits yada,yada but somehow things that should sound the same never do. Just want to try this .

Also will these drives read the cd layer from a Hybrid SACD?



thanks, I had already seen that one and was following. Did not want to highjack this thread or that one but thought a nudge back to OP was appropriate before it became a flac vs wav vs mp3 or suggestions for audiophile-grade cd players with balanced/unbalanced inputs, but no usb... if you know what I mean.

Yea I saw that thread. I was just asking for thoughts on a portable ripper that I could plug into the Melco. 

For copying digital bits never say never.

If the Melco has a soft eject button, "the best" is the HifiRose spinner.