Optical USB drive for ripping

I want to rip cd’s to a Melco server.  See quite  a few under the 125.00 range. Any favorites?

I know I can rip these over my network. Bits are bits yada,yada but somehow things that should sound the same never do. Just want to try this .

Also will these drives read the cd layer from a Hybrid SACD?




Many ways to skin the cat when it comes to ripping CD’s. You will find suggestions all over the place based on each user’s experience or opinions. Depending on your comfort level, you can fiddle with conventional laptop / software / CD drive setup or check out inexpensive one box option like Bluesound Vault 2. Most folks adds an external DAC to Vault 2 to further enhance its performance. My only complaint with Vault is its mediocre metadata and library management. I am now using a ripper/streamer that offers expandable storage, superlative metadata editing and library management through their proprietary iOS app albeit at much higher cost. And I absolutely love it!

You may want to read up on this latest thread!


thanks, I had already seen that one and was following. Did not want to highjack this thread or that one but thought a nudge back to OP was appropriate before it became a flac vs wav vs mp3 or suggestions for audiophile-grade cd players with balanced/unbalanced inputs, but no usb... if you know what I mean.

Yea I saw that thread. I was just asking for thoughts on a portable ripper that I could plug into the Melco. 

For copying digital bits never say never.

If the Melco has a soft eject button, "the best" is the HifiRose spinner.