Optical to digital coax converter

Hi everyone,
I just purchased optical to digital coax converter, so I can play Sirius XM
radio through my audio gear.This unit is connected to dish sat. I do not
have a digital coax at the moment, so I tried using interconnect cable instead. When I turn everything on, all I hear is high frequency clicking
from the speakers. What could be the problem? Are the cables the culprit or something else?
I should mention that indicator light comes on, telling me that the
signal is locked in. If any of you have any idea , I would appreciate
hearing from you.
I thank you ahead for your response.
Sorry...are you saying you are taking the signal from your digital radio directly into your preamp? perhaps you are taking a digital signal and trying to put it thru an analogue input in your preamp?
This may be a stupid question, but do you have a digital input on your audio gear? It sounds as if you have a digital optical to digital coax converter, so you would still need to plug into a digital input.
Ok, this is how it's connected: audio optical output from tv satellite dish>optical cable>optical to digital coax converter>audio interconnect
cable[not digital]>digital coax input on D/A converter>preamp.
Hope this will give you better insight of what is happening here.
Thanks again for you input.
have you tried going from Satellite audio-out straight to your preamp?
If you are using the digital out from your dish box then it is likely converting the satellite signal to some format other than PCM. Look in the menus for a way to fix output to PCM and see if it works. Some cable/sat boxes won't let you force PCM though.