Optical or coaxial - which one better for digital

Hi, I in the market for a digital cable to go from my transport to the DAC. My transport gives me the option of using either an optical digital cable or a coaxial digital cable. I would appreciate any feedback/thoughts whether one is better than the other. Any brand recommendations would be appreciated as well.

Thank you.
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I have always felt that I get a better sound out of my system using a good coax. I am using a Harmonic Tech CD to Burner, and a Audio Quest Cinema on my DVR to Pre because of the 18' length. I use the AQ since my dealer had the bulk cable. I needed a 18' run and plan to move them closer
someday and save the money for now. Although I replace a Kimber Kable fiber optic with the AQ and I do feel the imaging is better. Probably due to more information or delivery speed. I would thing the toslink would be faster but I just feel the physical connection is more consistant.
All IMHO and experience.
Tbooe, I never had a good experience with optical cables in my system, so I gave up on them along time ago. I would really recommend that you audition the Stealth Sextet, also read my review here on the GON, it's the best I have ever heard and I auditioned many of the highest regarded digital cables on the market today.
When you say 'Optical' do you mean Toslink or ST-Optical. Toslink is considered by many to be the 'bottom of the bucket' when it comes to digital connections. In my experience, ST-Optical is an entirely different matter. Which would sound best differs greatly with how the interface is utilized in your gear, but if I were in your shoes and one of the choices was ST-Optical, I would be seriously trying it.
With my previous CD setup, EAD to Krell, I found that AT&T fiber optic was far and away the best way to go.

I was going to ask the exact same question Jeff just did (Toslink or ST?) and if your equipment accepts ST, I'd make the same recommendation he does.

I have not found a coax or AES/EBU data cable that out-performs my Aural Symphonics Optimism V.2 ST cable, between my Wadia T-2000 and my Wadia 27, but that doesn't mean there isn't one ;--)

Forget Toslink, ugh!