Optical or Coax Digital Out to a D-A Converter?

Hi all,

I'm sure this has been asked before, so forgive me, but what is your preference regarding connecting Digital Out from a Pioneer Elite DVD player to a Theta D-A Converter? My player offers both optical or coax.


Digital electrical interfaces should have lower jitter than optical unless they are really poorly implemented.
This is an interesting question - I always thought that any coax cable will outperform the TosLink interface, not to mention an expensive one. But that was before I tried the van den Hul Optocoupler mk II optical cable, as recomended by some AgoN members. To my surprise, when put between Theta Basic IIIa DAC and Marantz CD 63 KI player, the Optocupler outperformed the far more expensive Illuminations D-60 coax. I wanted to try it also between my dedicated Theta transport and theta DAC, but unfortunately, Theta transport lacked the TosLink output.

Anyway, IMO the Optocoupler is a great alternative to any coax cable, and it cost less than 100$.
try both see which q you prefer. contact cable company they will be able to advise you which opt or coax to try and they will loan you these 2.