Optical input for Denon 1803 receiver???

Looking for a new HD DVD player ... undecided as of yet. Advice appreciated. Not so sure PS3 the way to go. If I run an HDMI directly to my Sony Bravia for video, will running optical for audio to the receiver give me all I need????? Perhaps not HD DTS, but dolby digital should work fine on my 5.1 system, should it not????
Yes, it will but why would you buy an HD DVD player when Toshiba has stopped all R&D and is closing their Japanese HD DVD factory, Blu-ray seems to have won the war, buying into HD DVD right now seems futile.
Correct .... I miss-wrote. I was speaking of a DVD player which WILL PLAY HD .....not the HD DVD format. I agree, looks like BluRay is winnin' this one. OPPO has been offered up as a really good, stand alone player, but I am getting some feedback and concerns as to how long they may be in business .... and what to do with an expensive piece of equipment should they go out of business!
My concern was that my receiver would not give me the full capabilities of a HD DTS audio play-back, and I don't think it will (Denon AVR 1803), but I think it WILL give me dolby digital through optical .. should be good 'nuff until I "really" need a new receiver ... THEN maybe seperate amps and processer??! ... thanks ........ Patrick

You won't get the new audio codecs from anything but HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Oppo makes scaling DVD players, but they still only can output DD and DTS.

Now, even with your current receiver and a Blu-ray or HD DVD player you will get better sound as it is less compressed and has more bandwidth than DD and DTA on SD DVD's.