Optical cables

I've read: Spend on speaker cables and interconnects, but an optical cable is an optical cable - it does the task at hand equally well if it's a budget or pricey model. I'm not debating longevity, I'm talking about function out of the package. Opinion(s)?
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Recently I was surpised at the difference an Amphenol glass optical cable made (over a good quality plastic opt cable) to a friend's surround system.

The sound improved. All the channels seemed to settle in (jell), and the front end (c & l/r) was noticably tighter and more liquid. Quicker. A far more "real" sense.

The WAF showed an immediae high approval rate!

I'd never consider it for audio/music (nor would he), but for DVD/SAT movies what I heard was a significant improvement.

But not in the same league as a coax dc.

:) listening,